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Visual DOF Pro

Developer: Ioannis Ioannou
1.09 usd

Visual DOF Pro is an extended ad-free version of Visual DOF app, with a list of additional features:- precise input of camera settings (now you may type in precise values -- even bigger, than sliders allow)- expanded range of camera settings -- values like the focal length expand to 1500mm when you type them digitally- 3 pre-installed background images to choose from- ability to import your own picture from the Gallery as the back image
See more detailed guide at
This great tool is based on the works by Harold M. Merklinger.
Visual DOF Pro app supports some most popular cameras / sensors:- full frame 35mm- Canon APS-C- Nikon APS-C- 4/3 standard- Black Magic Cinema / Pocket / Production 4K cameras- Phase One Digital Back (1.3x crop)
The app is very sensitive to memory available in your device. Please test it and see if it fits!
If you feel necessity to add some more cameras / sensors, or you think you see how to improve this app, let me know at